Friday, May 23, 2014

Typical study session.  English, Thai, English, Thai, English, Thai......our brains are hurting.  Our days consist of early morning field ministry, followed by 2 hours of classroom study with the dear brother who has taken on the task of teaching us.  Then we go home, have dinner and prepare for the meetings.  Of course, we do have fun too.....see pictures below. 

We had a great session today, found out from our very strict teacher that we are at grade 3 level!  Yay!  We thought we were just at kindergarten level, so that's a plus!  Although, I'm not sure if we are starting to develop brain melt, or if today was just unusually funny.  It turns out the word "dee" is used for everything good!  "Jai dee", is a good heart, or someone who is very kind.  "Sabai dee", I am fine, "dee mak" is very good!

On the other hand the word "kee" is everything not good, directly translated as "manure."  For some reason both Richard and I got the giggles so bad, as our dear brother explained to us all the ways that "kee" can be used.  Are you stingy?  You are a "kee niow." Scared?  "kee glua."  You know...the stuff in your ears, eyes, he asked us if there was a word in English that we use for such things, insisting that we teach him the proper word for it.....we tried to explain that in English using such a term would be very bad.  And just left it at that..........

The other thing we have noticed in this country, is that there are many politically incorrect things here, that are perfectly acceptable.  While I won't go into great detail, I will post a picture of the "Fatty Girl" clothes shop (no, that's not just the name, it's for us "big" girls!) just down the street from the kingdom hall as soon as I get one!

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