Friday, May 9, 2014

We have now arrived in Khon Kaen.  It truly is a beautiful city.  I will post pics of it soon, so that you all really believe me.  But, for now, our experience at the food court. 
Richard noticed a lovely vendor selling wonton soup, his favorite, and immediately decided that was what he was going to have for lunch.  I, on the other hand, decided on an Isaan dish made with pork and fried sticky rice.  As we parted ways, he for his hot bowl of Chinese noodles, and I to my smiling sticky rice vendor, I noticed, "what??  Red curry!"  I was so excited it stopped me in my tracks.  I said the woman, "I would like some of that!"  Creamy curry with chicken I'd hoped!  As she scooped up some of that lovely broth I notice; "wait, is that chicken feet!  Oh no!!"  I scream in my head.  But, I can't say no, now that this sweet woman is spooning me up a heaping helping.  I then notice purple potatoes, "ok, not so bad, I can do this!" With my biggest grin I thank her and hand over my 30 baht food card.
As I walk to our table with my head hanging low, so sad that I hadn't bypassed the curry and continued on to my sticky rice vendor, I then notice that my purple potatoes are not potatoes at all!  They are blood cakes!  Seriously!  I could get through the chicken feet, but no can do on the blood cakes.  I sat down next to Richard, about to cry, that I had spent my share of the food card on a dish I couldn't eat. And so scared to offend someone in our vicinity.  We moved to the back wall and Richard kindly handed over the food card so that I can go back to my sticky rice lady. 
I couldn't help but think of my Auntie Valerie during all of this, if you are out there reading, here's to you and chicken foot dinners!


  1. I just read that Thailand issued martial law! will that effect you guys?

  2. So far nothing major in the Northeast, just curfew at 10:00 pm. Mostly downtown Bangkok is affected.