Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Thailand "Round II" - Chiang Mai


Round II Chiang Mai
Condo Grounds

Round II begins.... back after sorting out matters in Calgary.

 Round II started out back at BKK exhausted with a lost cabbie.  As he was about to leave us down an alley when we found our first hotel....
As you can see it has a loft. Very cool.. Good Job Richard as I booked all the hotels and flights. The Chiang Mai hotel well....that's another story.  Not such a score...
  When last in Chiang Mai we were in a lovely hotel.  The Night Bazaar Inn so I thought!  
 I booked it again thinking it would be so nice to see the friendly Thai man who washed my rental car daily.  As it happens that had been the Night Bazaar Boutique Inn.  When the cabbie a grouchy lady, brought us to the Night Bazaar Place around the corner we said no - in Thai of course - ours is around the corner.  By this time she was angry and she told us as much.  I thought I had better check if this was the hotel I actually booked.  Now realizing as I checked my phone it likely was not. 
 Low and behold no reservation in my name.  Back into the tense taxi. " Please can you take us to the Night Bazaar Inn"..... uggghh ...turns out this was the last of three lobbies I entered and the grossest room I had entered in a long while.  Mould everywhere and spores shooting out the air con.  We just left the windows opened mostly.  But it had a neat view....

 .....as you may have noted in the last photo I am bald. It was a lovely present from a pioneer sister in our cong. back in Calgary.  Don't worry its growing fast, as it is rainy season here. 
Monsoons most mornings. We are next to the Poo Ping river.  Which has swelled and there are massive puddles everywhere. 
Things are moving fast.  Which is good as we need to get to work pioneering. We have only been here a few days and have a condo already.  Complete with hairy bald man!  The bathroom is even cooler but it was cluttered so you have come see it...
I mentioned it is monsoon season.  We don't love scootering in the rain.  So I found something...
a 1985 316 very good shape, nearly 300000km but lots of new parts.  As cars are expensive here I thought I would get something cool.  I will put up a photo but its on bahtandsold.com Chiang Mai.  Nice silver 5 speed. Cars are priced high because of import taxes.  Its tough to find a decent ride for less than $3000.  This was less and its clean and original. 
We have not said much about the south Chiang Mai Cong because we have yet to attend.  We just arrived this weekend and did a lot in three days.  We didn't even buy groceries yet!  Rest assured we will take lots of photos.  We are excited to try out this new area in the ministry.  There is so much greenery and so much culture.  Hmong hill tribes and Lhisu, Lahu and only Lahu is not part of our cong.  all the rest including Thai sign are part of the cong.
We will still learn Thai fast as the only Br who was speaking English to me had to move to Lahu just as we left Canada!  Guess someone wants us to learn Thai fast!?
We are in a condo with English brothers and sisters so it is nice if we need English friends, or an English meeting.  Most are Australian and are a very great bunch as over half their English cong. are pioneering.
Anyhow that is all for now as it is Tuesday and we have only been in Thailand since Friday 11pm...so really its not so little considering jet lag... later...


  1. Awwwwww so happy you arrived safe & sound! looking forward to living vicariously!

  2. hahaha bahtandsold classic! Condo looks really nice! :)